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October 7 to 17, 2015 8:30pm at the Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier. Box Office: (514) 288-3161

  • "The forest's advance, the animals' unnatural frenzy, that horrific vision. I'm starting to connect the dots and the big picture is dreadful"--Hide
  • "Among the murmur of the thistle and nettle, you can hear the dribble of drool over fangs. Eyes closed, you can almost see the manufactured and mutant shapes of the unseen."--Buddy
  • Province explores humanity's indifference to environmental destruction and its commitment to individualism at any cost. It asks whether our adaptability--our greatest human strength--may actually be what is holding us back from finding common sense solutions to our generation's most pressing problem. Province fits perfectly into the aesthetic niche created by our past productions.
  • Province is written by Mathieu Gosselin, a Quebecois playwright/actor in his early thirties. Province, was first staged by Théâtre de la Banquette Arrière at La Licorne in May 2012.
  • This play has never been produced in English!!! Talisman's 2015 production will be Canada's English-language premiere of this remarkable work.It's getting warmer; you can smell the fear in the air. Nature is running amok. Climate change or a much darker, transfiguring force.
  • Province takes the audience on a wild ride, full of potent questions and uneasy answers.

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A message from the Artistic Director

talisman-aedI am so excited to join forces with Stacey Christodoulou, Artistic Director of The Other Theatre, to bring Province to the Montreal stage. This this exciting new work marks Talisman Theatre's fourth commissioned translation of contemporary French plays into English and the third collaboration with translator Nadine Desrochers. The English translation of the play has been read both in Montreal and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


poster-sSynopsis: "Set in the deep forest of Quebec, this darkly comic play is part of a rich tradition of dystopian art, exploring humanity's indifference to environmental destruction and our commitment to individualism at any cost. A poetic, whimsical fable, steeped in organic rural textures, Province revolves around characters who must face off against mutant animals. Despite the ecological malaise, the people of Province continue their pre-apocalypse lives with as much gusto as before, playing Wii, making home videos and obsessing over their looks."

CAST: Éloi ArchamBaudoin, Stefanie Buxton, Davide Chiazzese, Zach Fraser, Mike Hughes, Sabrina Reeves, Jennifer Roberts,France Rolland and Natalie Tannous

DESIGN TEAM: Lyne Paquette, Set; Fruzsina Lanyi, Costumes; David Perreault Ninacs, Lighting; Jesse Ash, Sound.

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Talisman news

  • The Medea Effect WINS the 2012 META award for 'Best Actress' and 'Best Translation'!
  • The Aeneid WINS the 2013-2014 META for 'Best Indie Production'!
  • Province will be our next production (October 7-17): written by Mathieu Gosselin; translated by Nadine Desrochers; directed by Stacey Christodoulou. A co-production by Talisman Theatre and The Other Theatre.
  • Province in Baton Rouge: Talisman and The Other Theatre are invited to stage a public reading of Mathieu Gosselin's Province at the University of Louisiana in February.

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