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February 3 to 7, 2015 at the Segal Center Studio (details),
5170 Côte Ste-Catherine (Snowdon or Côte Ste-Catherine metros).

  • WINNER! The Medea Effect wins the 2012 META (Montreal English Theatre Award) awards for 'Best Actress' and 'Best Translation'!
  • "The Medea Effect hits the motherlode of gravitas required for tragedy. Morehouse is a marvel. Catharsis delivered. Bravo!"--Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette.
  • "The Medea Effect shimmers with the sparks and flashes of profound insight penned over two thousand years ago but refracted and focused through a contemporary lens."--Westmount Examiner
  • "This is pure acting at its finest, nothing more nothing less, and is the perfect example of the why the live stage remains such a chilling and tangible form of art."--Synden Hope-Johnston, MTL Blog
  • **** "Si l'on en juge par le poids éloquent des mots, la psychologie incontestablement humaniste des réparties, la teneur vigoureuse du propos et la force des échanges entre deux êtres à la recherche d'une âme, la traduction de L'Effet Médée, de Suzie Bastien, par Nadine Desrochers, est un tour de force admirable."--Élie Castiel, SÉQUENCES.

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A message from the Artistic Director

talisman-aedThe Medea Effect is a remount of Talisman's award-winning 2012 Canadian English-language première. This remount is possible thanks to Conseil des Arts de Montréal--CAM en tournée. Written by Quebecois playwright Suzie Bastien, translated by Nadine Desrochers, and directed by Emma Tibaldo.Opening in Montreal February 3 to 7,2015 at Segal Center Studio,The Medea Effect will be performed by two actors.

The Medea Effect

talisman_medea postcard.inddSynopsis: "Ada is a mother who has forgotten her child during an emotional trauma. Ugo's childhood fear has come to pass, his mother has forgotten him. The Medea Effect is an emotional roller-coaster ride launching the audience into abstract heights and plunging them into emotional depths. It is also an emotional tug-of-war between two isolated minds over the same subject: their mothers."

CAST: James Loye, Jennifer Morehouse

DESIGN TEAM: Lyne Paquette, Set; Fruzsina Lanyi, Set and Costumes; Angeline St-Amour, Lighting; Michael Leon, Sound; Rasili Botz, movement.

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Talisman news

  • The Medea Effect WINS the 2012 META award for 'Best Actress' and 'Best Translation'!
  • The Aeneid WINS the 2013-2014 META for 'Best Indie Production'!
  • Province will be our next production (October 7-17): written by Mathieu Gosselin; translated by Nadine Desrochers; directed by Stacey Christodoulou. A co-production by Talisman Theatre and The Other Theatre.
  • Province in Baton Rouge: Talisman and The Other Theatre are invited to stage a public reading of Mathieu Gosselin's Province at the University of Louisiana in February.

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